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Fire Safety Training Bradford - A Legal Requirement

Fire safety and protection is extremely important and should be taken seriously by all businesses and organisations. Having knowledge in this area will provide people with the confidence required should a serious situation occur.

Here at Absolute Health Fire Safety Bradford, we deliver high quality fire safety training in Bradford. We offer fully comprehensive training services meaning you’ll get all the information you could possibly need in order to keep your building and people within it safe. If you haven’t had any training of this nature before or feel like now is a good time to reinforce what you might have learned in the past, then please feel free to get in touch with us.

We can tailor programmes to your exact requirements, we just need to know what those requirements are first. We’ve got lots of experience across lots of sectors and we absolutely love what we do.

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We’ve seen what happens when it goes wrong or when people feel like they don’t know what they’re doing in the horrendous case of a fire outbreak. Granted, you may not think it’s the most interesting subject, but the risks of fire massively outweigh the desire to want to learn about it. For this reason, there are actually regulations in place to keep everyone safe which we will touch upon a bit more later on in this article. Alongside these regulations, we actually feel a huge duty of care in making sure we help as many businesses and buildings as possible.

A tragic example of fire safety negligence is the Grenfell Tower disaster which we’ve all seen and heard about. Tragedies like this simply shouldn’t happen which is why we are so passionate about what we do. Most of our training is actually done in person because we feel it provides a better environment for focus and interaction. Speak to us today to book your fire safety training in Bradford.

fire awareness training
fire awareness training

Fire Safety Training Bradford - Course Content

Introduction – We will first give you a thorough introduction into who we are, what we do, our ethos and place emphasis on why fire safety is so important. We’ll then show you all the subject titles for the training ahead. 

Understanding Fire – There’s a few different types and classes of fire that we will talk you through in this part. Understanding the differences is really important so you know what you could potentially be looking at. In addition, we’ll also look at other fire safety related things such as safety data sheets, dangerous substances and lots more too. 

Fire Risk Assessments – We are fire risk assessment specialists and so of course it was going to be a big part of our course. They are also a legal requirement in most cases so definitely an important part to learn about.

Evacuation Routes – We will provide more information on what an evacuation route is, where they are in your building and how they’re used in the case of a fire.

Emergency Plans – One of the last parts of our fire safety training courses in Bradford is about emergency plans. We’ll leave you feeling more equipped with knowledge of what you actually need to do when a fire breaks out and what measures need to be taken. We will also go through various drills and procedures you can take in the event of a fire.

What Types Of Businesses Do Provide Training For?

We’ve worked across multiple different sectors and industries over the years. This experience has put us in an incredible position to support almost every single enquiry we get through. There are certain nuances in each sector which we now know a lot about, however a lot of the course content itself is similar. We’ve worked with lots of building types too including but not limited to; hotels, offices, HMO’s, hospitals, leisure facilities, cinemas and more.

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Fire Warden Training Bradford - Key Points

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire warden and fire marshal training is actually a legal requirement. The person or people who undertake this training will play a large role in keeping people safe if a fire breaks out. They’ll be responsible for carrying out certain jobs which will be pivotal in making sure everyone in the building is catered for and kept safe. It’s our job in the meantime to make sure this person is trained effectively. We will have factual content provided, along with demonstrations and interactive tasks in order to help you learn. We will also give you some tangible material to go away with and refer back to. In conclusion, our fire warden training will consist of learning about and being tested on; fire legislation, fire risk assessments, emergency plans, use of fire equipment, the role of a fire warden and so much more as well.



Why Choose Absolute Health Fire Safety?

We are a company that genuinely cares and wants to make a difference. We want to change attitudes and thoughts around fire safety in the most positive way. We feel a responsibility to help and empower people with knowledge and information. We have so much experience in a number of sectors which is invaluable in getting a message across to the people we’re training. Thankfully, we have a glowing reputation for our services and training with hundreds of 5 star reviews to prove it. We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch with us here in Bradford today. Our teams monitor all these channels regularly so we look forward to hearing from you soon. Simply call us 0113 418 2911, or use our contact form.

Fire Safety Training Bradford - FAQs

Yes, fire safety training is a legal requirement for businesses that have over 5 or more employees. In line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, you are legally obliged to give your employees adequate fire safety training, instruction, and relevant information. To make it clear, fire safety training in Bradford is mandatory!

Yes. Absolute Health Fire Safety has provided fire safety training in-person for many years. Despite the evolution of the online world and companies now providing online fire safety courses, we are strictly an in-person-only training company, and we are proud of that. We feel that in-person training is much more comprehensive and detailed.

So, what are the consequences of fire? Of course, this is why we provide dedicated fire safety training to help minimise and reduce the threat of fire to as little as possible. As well as the obvious consequences of fire, such as the destruction of your premises and fatalities to your people, there are others too. These include injuries, loss of jobs, and environmental damage.

Of course. Once AHFS has conducted fire safety training in Bradford at your premises, you will be certified upon completion. Therefore, if you are ever requested proof of training from the local authorities, you have this hand to prove that you are fully compliant with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

Absolute Health Fire Safety is proud of the outstanding reputation that we have developed across West Yorkshire over the past decade or so. If you’re looking to see what our customers are saying, visit our dedicated testimonials page HERE.

There is no legal requirement that sets out you should conduct fire safety training on an annual basis. However, we do recommend you carry out training every 3 years at a minimum. Training may be required more often if there are significant changes in personnel and if your premises poses increased fire risk threats.

Fire safety training is crucial for raising awareness, promoting a culture of safety, and ensuring that employees know how to respond in the event of a fire. Essentially, fire safety training is a must to ensure that employees and everyone located within a premises is knowledgeable when it comes to fire and the risk it presents.

Employees play a critical role in fire safety by following safety procedures, reporting hazards, participating in drills, and contributing to a safe and orderly evacuation.

Yes, of course, fire safety training provided by AHFS can be tailored to specific industries and workplaces. All training is provided in-person at your premises and training can be customised to address industry-specific risks and scenarios. This may include specialised training for manufacturing facilities, healthcare settings, or office environments.

If you’re looking to get started with fire safety training in Bradford, it’s super easy to contact AHFS today. Call us right away at 0113 418 2911 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly. We look forward to dealing with your enquiry!