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Fire Safety Training Castleford - A Legal Requirement

Are you looking for comprehensive fire safety training in Castleford? If so, look no further than Absolute Health Fire Safety. We have been providing fire safety training for many years now and continue to offer an unrivalled service across a multitude of sectors. In line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a legal obligation for all staff to understand the basics of fire safety. This is to ensure that all employees understand the basics of fire risks, and therefore help to keep themselves and the premises safe. All fire safety training provided by our team is provided in-person and NOT online.

AHFS are in a great position and well-equipped to provide fire safety training in Castleford the public and private sector businesses. Call us today to find out more or get your quotation by calling us today on 0113 418 2911. You can also use our contact form if you prefer to email.

Our fire safety training courses are comprehensive starting with an introduction to cover the basics and finishing with emergency plans where we’ll outline the importance of conducting emergency plans, procedures, and drills. Fire safety training is paramount to avoid fire safety negligence as seen at Grenfell Tower in 2017.

yorkshire fire risk assessments
fire risk assessments yorkshire

Fire Safety Training Castleford - Course Content

Introduction – The first part of our fire safety training is to give an introduction into the importance of fire safety training, how we operate, and what the full course will entail. The following parts of the course will include understanding fire, fire risk assessments, evacuation routes, and emergency plans.

Understanding Fire – Fire is a complex thing which is why an important part of our fire safety training is centred around understanding fire in its full complexity. Here, we’ll teach you about the types and classes of fire, dangerous substances to look out for, safety data sheets, and much more.

Fire Risk Assessments – As 5-star fire risk assessors, we’ll of course cover fire risk assessments. Fire safety risk assessments are a legal requirement and we’ll outline who is responsible, fire risk assessment reviews, and the various stages of an assessment.

Evacuation Routes – The fourth part of the course will cover what an evacuation route is, how they are used, and best practices in the emergency of a fire.

Emergency Plans – One of the last parts of our fire safety training courses in Castleford is about emergency plans. Upon completion of the course, you’ll feel much more informed and educated about fire and the risks to your premises and people.

What Types Of Businesses Do Provide Training For?

Fire doesn’t discriminate and neither do Absolute Health Fire Safety when it comes to providing fire safety training in Castleford. We are able to fire safety training for Offices, Leisure, Hotels, Flats, Apartments, and more. Fire awareness and training is equally as important across all sectors.

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Fire Warden Training Castleford - Key Points

Did you know that fire warden training is a legal obligation under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?  When you undertake fire warden training in Castleford with AHFS, the training will cover the following; basic principles of fire, classifications of fire, minimising fire risk, fire risk assessments, emergency plans and much more. Fire warden training is interactive with demonstrations carried out for those practical learners in the group. Upon completion, you’ll also receive tangible material to take away with you so that you can refer back for best practice and maximum fire safety.



Why Choose Absolute Health Fire Safety?

If you’re looking to benefit from fire safety training in Castleford, we would love to hear from you today. AHFS provides comprehensive in-person training and we are proud to be a 5-star rated company. Whether you are looking to undertake fire safety training for the first time for your organisation or seeking to refresh the knowledge of your team, we are here to help. Get your FREE no-obligation quotation today from our professional and friendly team today on 0113 418 2911. Alternatively, use our online contact form.

Fire Safety Training Castleford - FAQs

This is a question that we are asked frequently. Fire safety training is a legal requirement for the vast majority of businesses. In line with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, fire safety training is mandatory. As an employer, you are responsible for arranging sufficient training with an accredited company just like Absolute Health Fire Safety.

Yes, of course. We do provide fire safety training in Castleford, but we also provide training throughout the entirety of West Yorkshire. Other areas we cover include; Bradford, Wakefield, Rotherham, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas. All fire safety training is delivered in person with no online courses available.

Our comprehensive fire safety training does include covering emergency plans. In fact, this will be covered in the final part of the course. By the end of the training, you’ll fully understand your duties as a fire warden (marshal) and be competent in all necessary procedures.

Here at Absolute Health Fire Safety, we are able to provide fire safety training in Castleford for a multitude of sectors throughout West Yorkshire. Types of sectors we cover include; Education (Schools, Colleges & Universities), Healthcare, Carehomes, Office Buildings, Office Blocks, and Hotels.

As the name suggests, fire safety training involves learning about and understanding fire risks and hazards as well as what you actually need to do should a fire situation arise. Fire safety training is also known as fire warden or fire marshal training too. It’s a key part of keeping people safe in a building in regards to fire. 

In line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a legal requirement and mandatory to provide fire awareness training for all employees/staff. In fact, if your business employs at least one other person, then you require fire awareness training. The level of training, for larger companies, for example, may be more comprehensive. As well as providing fire awareness for employees, it should also be provided for volunteers, cleaners, security staff, and anyone else who is on the premises. Don’t take any chances with fire or the law in general. 

The price does vary from company to company, from organisation to organisation and so on because of a few factors. For example, the number of employees or people involved in the training will have an affect on the price. The complexity of the training, whether it’s beginner or more advanced training. There are other factors too. We recommend getting in touch with our team in Castleford to get an accurate quotation. 

Absolute Health Fire Safety is an accredited fire safety company. We are accredited by The Fire Protection Association and are proud of the overall service that we provide for all sectors we work with.

We have a wide range of reviews for our fire safety training services in Castleford. These are mostly spread across Facebook and Google. We are proud of our fire safety training courses and to get recognition from our clients is amazing. Check out our latest testimonials here.

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