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Fire Risk Assessments For Hotels

Looking for fire risk assessments for hotels? Enter Absolute Health Fire Safety. Fire risk assessments are absolutely crucial to any business’ fire safety strategy. Not only because they’re a legal requirement for buildings regularly occupying more than five people but because they could genuinely save someone’s life. 

Hotels understandably have a lot of responsibility when it comes to health and safety. Simply by the nature of the business, there are going to be lots of people entering and exiting the hotel many times a day so certain plans must be in place to protect people, the building and surrounding areas.

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Absolute Health Fire Safety are proud to be your 5-star rated fire risk assessors that can provide fire risk assessments for all types and sizes of hotels.  We provide fire risk assessments for hotels across Yorkshire covering LeedsBradfordSheffieldYorkBarnsleyDoncasterHalifax, and many more areas.

Fire Safety Risk Assessments For Hotels

Firstly a proper and suitable fire alarm must be in place to alert anyone in the hotel that a fire is developing. A certain number of fire doors and fire carpets should be fitted as well as other potential fire safety products and features. Secondly,  we would expect a thorough, clear and concise fire evacuation plan in place.

The complexity of a fire evacuation in a hotel can be high due to the amount of people needing to evacuate across multiple floors. This then emphasises the importance of getting it clear and correct. If you’re not sure what the best course of action is in relation to fire evacuations, then get in touch with our team.

Thirdly, we would like to see clear notations of people who are at risk of fire hazards and also a list of the actual hazards in your building. Last but not least you’re expected to have a log of every guest and visitor that enters the hotel. 

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Fire Risk Assessment Reviews

 As well as a legal obligation, there is a moral obligation there too to protect everyone who steps foot in the hotel. There’s a solution for your fire risk assessment needs and it starts with speaking to us.

In regards to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, there are no specific legal obligations on how often fire risk assessments should be reviewed.

However, for best practice and maximum fire safety for your building and people, we recommend reviewing at least every 2 years for your hotel.

Furthermore, wherever there are changes within your hotel where fire safety could be impacted, your fire risk assessment documents should also be reviewed.

Why Choose Absolute Health Fire Safety?

Absolute Health Fire Safety are proud to be your 5-star rated fire risk assessment company covering the entirety of Yorkshire and beyond. We work with all sizes of hotels and guesthouses to ensure all fire precautions are in place for the safety of your people, guests, and infrastructure. For more information on our hotel fire risk assessments, simply get in touch with us using one of the following methods. Call us on 0113 418 2911, send us an email to or use the contact form on our website. We are active across all these methods so we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you here at Absolute Health Fire Safety.

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A fire risk assessment is required to significantly reduce the possibility of fire occurring within your hotel or guesthouse. As a result of your assessment carried out by Absolute Health Fire Safety, the adequate measures will be put in place to maximise your fire safety plan.

A comprehensive fire risk assessment will cover 5 key points. A typical fire risk assessment for hotels will begin with identifying all potential fire hazards before proceeding to identifying the people that are most at risk of those fire risks. Moreover, the risks will then be either remove or reduced. Further steps include providing necessary training (if required) and reviewing your documents regularly.

This depends on the size of your hotel or guesthouse. A fire risk assessment is highly important and as you can imagine, we don’t rush. For hotels, a typical fire risk assessments may take anywhere between 5-8 hours on average.

Yes, of course. Once our fire risk assessors at Absolute Health Fire Safety have conducted a comprehensive fire risk assessment, you will receive a detailed fire risk assessment report.