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Our name is Absolute Health fire Safety and we provide fire risk assessments in Halifax. We’ve been operating in the area for a number of years and in this time have built up a glowing reputation and impressive portfolio of work too. Some people underestimate the importance of a fire risk assessment because they never think the worst will happen to them. It’s a good job then that there are regulations in place to keep people safe as anything could happen to anyone. It’s a subject very close to our hearts and we want to protect as many people as we can.

For a fire risk assessment from us, in Halifax, please call 0113 418 2911. Alternatively, use our online contact form.

All our team are fully qualified and accredited fire risk assessors with a wealth of knowledge and experience between them. Upon request, we will book you in for a fully comprehensive fire risk assessment to identify any fire hazards or potential risks, build a plan around avoiding these and future-proof your building to a high standard. We can also give training and offer other services in relation to the subject. 

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What are your legal responsibilities ?

As with most important things, there are some legal points that must be abided by for fire safety. Businesses, organisations and non-domestic properties are actually obliged to have a fire risk assessment done in line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. In addition to this, there must also be a ‘responsible person (RP) within the team that looks after fire risk assessments specifically. It’s an important job because you are essentially responsible for making sure people have all the necessary equipment and the operating space is safe from fire risks. We’ve worked in a multitude of different industries so have seen the small nuances and changes that are applicable to certain ones. Generally though, there’s regulations that account for all types of organisation. Whether you’re a shop, office, warehouse, HMO or anything in between, fire risk assessments matter.

Here’s a little bit more information on why you need to provide a fire risk assessment. It is stated in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that you must have a fully comprehensive fire risk assessment if there are more than five regular occupants in a building. For lots of businesses and organisations, this is the case. For this reason alone, it’s probably a good idea to get in touch with us as we will provide you with all the assessment information and documentation you need to be abiding by the law. After the assessment is complete we will give you a full report of what we’ve undertaken and our findings. This is written proof of your compliance with details of what might need to be done. We recommend  having a fire risk assessment done at least once every 3 years.

Fire Risk Assessments Halifax - Key Points

Identify the fire hazards – Sometimes, without a specialist taking a look, there can be some fire hazards that aren’t necessarily obvious to the naked eye. Identifying all potential fire hazards is extremely important though because if you’re aware of them you’ll be able to build plans around dealing with them. Common examples of fire hazards that we see every week are; pieces of equipment, machinery, chemicals, fluids, kitchen appliances and lots more too.

Identify people at risk – As soon as you know where the fire risks and hazards are, you can identify actual people who may be more at risk or closest to them.

Evaluate, remove and protect from risk – The step after finding out what the fire risks are and who it may affect specifically, is to then build plans around safeguarding a building. We can put various safety precautions in such as fire extinguishers, checking service dates on machinery, adding fire compartmentation and lots more too.

Record, plan, inform and train (if required) – Every piece of work we undertake is noted and recorded for future purposes. We need all the relevant information in one place so we can refer back to it and so that you also have a copy of it stored away. This demonstrates that you’re doing something about your fire safety and protection.

Review regularly – Now, just because you’ve been through the cycle once doesn’t mean you’re done there. Fire risk assessments are to be done regularly and we should be called in for reviews and various other levels of support on a frequent basis. Unsure what a regular basis looks like? Give us a call on 0113 418 2911 and chat to a member of our Halifax team.

How much does a Fire Risk Assessment cost ?

The size of your building will determine the cost of your fire risk assessment. Quite simply, if there’s more space and more potential hazards, we will need more time and resources to complete the assessment properly. 

We categorise our assessments into four main pricing points which you can see below.

Premises Size Price
Buildings up to 2,000 ft²
Residential buildings with a small communal areas.
£ 249
Buildings between 2,000 ft² and 5,000 ft² £ 299
Buildings between 5,000 ft² and 10,000 ft² £ 349
Buildings overe 10,000 ft² GET A QUOTE

Why Choose Absolute Health Fire Safety?

We’re an ever growing company with a team that genuinely cares. Your safety is our absolute priority and one of our missions as a business is to fire proof as many buildings as we possibly can. We’re knowledgeable, experienced, helpful and approachable to list only a few positive attributes. Due to the fantastic work we’ve done over the years, we’ve been able to accumulate a series of positive reviews too. We’re now very well known in and around Halifax which is testament to how hard the team has worked. If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about our fire risk assessments in Halifax then please get in touch today. You can call us on 0113 418 2911, or use our online contact form. We monitor all these platforms regularly and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Fire Risk Assessments Halifax - FAQs

Absolute Health Fire Safety is an accredited fire safety company. We are accredited by The Fire Protection Association and are proud of the overall service that we provide for all sectors we work with.

Although there is no legal requirement currently in place that states annual fire risk assessments are necessary, we do recommend that you regularly review your assessment to ensure that it’s still for purpose. Business changes rapidly, especially in terms of building alterations and personnel, so it’s important that fire risk assessments are reviewed when appropriate.

If you don’t comply with the regulations as set out by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, you are highly likely to be prosecuted. If local authorities discover that regulations are not being met or adhered to, you are highly likely to face a hefty penalty and potential imprisonment.

This is a frequently asked question and we are happy to answer this. The average fire risk assessment usually takes anywhere between 2-4 hours from start to finish. However, this depends on the size, location, and type of premises.

Absolute Health Fire Safety provides fire risk assessments in Halifax for a multitude of sectors. Predominantly, we offer up to SIX sectors throughout your area and the entirety of West Yorkshire. Sectors we provide fire risk assessments for include; care homes, factories, schools, flats, offices, and hotels. Get in touch with us today to receive your quotation.

This is a frequently asked question and we are happy to answer this. The average fire risk assessment usually takes anywhere between 2-4 hours from start to finish. However, this depends on the size, location, and type of premises.

As an actual business, we have been running for over 6 years now growing from strength to strength each year. Our team that makes up the business however, have over 20 years of experience each in fire risk assessments, fire safety training and other fire related services. We are fully qualified and accredited to take on projects of all size and scale.

Regular testing, maintenance, and training are essential to ensure that fire safety measures, such as alarms and extinguishers, remain effective and compliant with regulations. You can also get regular assessments done by a professional team such as ourselves. We’d love to be your fire safety and protection partner, so get in touch for more information. 

When you contact us we will provide you with an exact list of information we need. But, to list a couple of things for example, you may need; building layouts, occupancy details, fire protection systems, escape routes, and details about flammable materials or processes within the premises. Speak to our team in Halifax for an extensive list of things you’ll need to know before we conduct a fire risk assessment. 

Fire risk assessments are priced in accordance to the size and complexity of your building. Although we couldn’t give an accurate answer right now, if you get in touch with us we will do a FREE no obligation quote. We have also created this page on our website as a rough guide on pricing. 

Yes, and we are proud of it. Absolute Health Fire Safety has over 10 + 5-star reviews on our Google Business Profile and we are highly recommended by our customers. In fact, much of our work comes through referrals and word of mouth. Check out our dedicated testimonial page HERE.