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Fire risk assessments in Barnsley are a crucial part of any fire safety and protection strategy. We know this because we are fire safety experts and have been on hand to help hundreds of businesses, individuals and organisations over the years.

Our name’s Absolute Health Fire Safety and we’ve developed a diverse portfolio of projects, supporting people in their understanding of fire risk assessments. We’ve worked in different sectors and building types too which are always amazing experiences.

Fire risk assessments can often be put to the side or not considered important however they are for a few reasons, the main one being they are a legal requirement for most.

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What are your legal responsibilities ?

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement for anyone who is responsible for a building and therefore other people too.

Employers, landlords and any other building that isn’t a single dwelling will require a fire risk assessment, completed by a competent company. This is in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and quite frankly, should be done by everyone anyway.

There’s also several points within this legislation which are important to understand. For example, each building requires a ‘Responsible Person’ (RP) who is in charge of various fire related jobs and tasks, one of which is to ensure the fire risk assessment is completed and updated. 

We thought it might be useful to provide a little more information on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to provide some more context.

Under this regulation, a comprehensive fire risk assessment must be completed if there are five or more regular occupants of a building. This means most businesses and organisations are affected for example, stores, cinemas, leisure centres, offices, warehouses, HMO’s and everything in between too.

You’ll more than likely fall into one of these categories in which case it might be a good idea to get in touch with our team in Barnsley. We’re also happy to provide more information on the regulations or fire risk assessments in general. 

Once you deem it necessary to get a fire risk assessment completed by us, we will provide you with the documentation you need to use as proof that an assessment has taken place. We’ll give a full report with lots of written information to accompany it. 

Fire Risk Assessments Barnsley - Key Points

Here is our five step approach to fire risk assessments in Barnsley in more detail.

Identify the fire hazards – Before making any plans in relation to fire hazards, you need to find what they are and where they are. Some are a lot more obvious to the naked eye than others but in our experience we’ve found that there are always little hidden ones that aren’t so obvious. Once we’ve done a full identification process we create plans.

Identify people at risk – Before any action is taken, we need to know who’s at potential risk in those identified areas. Common areas of fire hazards that we see every week are; pieces of equipment, machinery, chemicals, fluids, kitchen appliances and lots more too. This also happens to be where lots of people are so when we know who’s at risk, we can build plans around that. 

Evaluate, remove and protect – This is where the action happens because we’ve already found out what the potential problems are and who is most likely concerned by them. Now we can put things in place to make the building safer from fire. Examples of implementations could be more fire extinguishers, better fire compartmentation, higher spec fire doors and more.

Record, plan, inform and train (if required) – We document every part of what we do for two reasons. The first is so you have proof that we’ve visited and undertaken the necessary works and the second reason is so you have something to refer back to know exactly what we’ve done. We also provide training if this is relevant to your people.

Review regularly – This is pretty straight forward, it means you essentially need to review your fire safety regularly. When we do our initial fire risk assessment we will provide some information on what to look our for on a regular basis. We advise checking in with us yearly but getting an assessment done every 3 years.

How much does a Fire Risk Assessment cost ?

Our fire risk assessment pricing is quite simply calculated on the size of your building. Logic suggests that if there’s more space to inspect, it will take more time therefore cost more. Please take a look at some prices below. 

At Absolute Health Fire Safety, we categorise our assessments into four main pricing points which you can see below. 

Premises Size Price
Buildings up to 2,000 ft²
Residential buildings with a small communal areas.
£ 249
Buildings between 2,000 ft² and 5,000 ft² £ 299
Buildings between 5,000 ft² and 10,000 ft² £ 349
Buildings overe 10,000 ft² GET A QUOTE


Why Choose Absolute Health Fire Safety?

We would love to be your first choice fire risk assessment company in Barnsley. We feel we’re unique and the perfect company for you for a number of reasons. Firstly, we genuinely care about protecting buildings from fire.

There are a lot of people leaving stuff to chance and as the saying goes ‘don’t play with fire…’ We’ve got a lot of experience in the industry and have already helped many businesses in Barnsley to be safer but there’s also room for more. Since we started out, we’ve grown exponentially which is testament to our success and willingness to help people. We work hard and to our values, always with a positive attitude.

If you’d like more information on our fire risk assessments then get in touch with our team today. Call us on 0113 418 2911. Alternatively, fill out the contact form on our website or message us on social media and a member of our amazing team will be with you as soon as they can. 

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Fire Risk Assessments Barnsley – FAQs

Fire risk assessments are paramount for ensuring the safety of occupants, protecting your property, and ensuring you are fully compliant with latest fire safety regulations. Moreover, fire risk assessments in Barnsley also help to identify potential hazards which helps with the enabling of effective preventive measures.

After your fire risk assessment is carried out by Absolute Health Fire Safety, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with recommended measures and actions to take to significantly reduce or eliminate fire risk. The report should be regularly reviewed and updated based on any on-going property changes or changes with regulations.

Specifically, within your fire risk assessment report, you can expect to receive comprehensive feedback which lists existing fire safety measures, recommended additional measures, and a clear plan for implementation. Moreover, you’ll also have priority actions to take right away without hesitation. If you have any questions about the fire risk assessment report, we’ll be there to assist you.

Absolute Health Fire Safety strongly advises against conducting fire risk assessment of your own accord. We always recommend that you partner with a trusted and reputable fire risk assessment company like ourselves. Our professional and experienced assessors have the expertise required to identify potential risks much more accurately.

Failing to comply with the latest regulations and conducting a fire risk assessment will end up in significant consequences. Consequences and failure to comply with regulations may lead to inadequate fire safety measures, increased risks to occupants or employees, and legal consequences.

The ”responsible person” within your business is responsible for arranging the fire risk assessment for your premises. They are also responsible for reviewing the assessment regularly in line with any changes in legislation or within the premises itself.

The frequency of fire risk assessments depends on various factors, but they should be regularly reviewed and updated, especially when there are changes to the premises or its use. When you partner with our team, you can be sure that we’ll always be just a phone call away from answering your all-important questions, as well as providing trusted advice.

In order to proceed with your fire risk assessment in Barnsley, there is certain information we’ll need to retrieve. Information may include building plans, occupancy details, fire safety equipment specifications, and details about the activities conducted within your premises.

The duration varies depending on the size and complexity of your premises. It can take from a few hours to several days. We’ll always keep you in the loop and provide an estimated timeframe.

There are certain measures that can be taken to reduce fire risk within your premises. These may include installing fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and implementing evacuation procedures. The assessment should provide recommendations for improvement.

If you’re looking to get started with a fire risk assessment in Barnsley, it’s super easy to contact AHFS today. Call us right away at 0113 418 2911 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.